What if...
there was a new path to brain injury recovery?
What if...
we could partner with you to deliver interdisciplinary,
scalable care that can transform your patient's lives?
What if...
there was a program that could help you take control of your health and quality of life?

ABI Wellness offers a transformative, evidence-based licensing solution for patients with chronic brain injury to improve higher order cognitive functioning.

 ABI Wellness partners with health systems and independent clinics to deliver an integrated, four-pillar program that is designed specifically for patients during the post-acute stage of recovery – or after the initial 3-month treatment period has concluded. ABI Wellness’ interdisciplinary model delivers a cognitive intervention system that improves patients’ quality of life and return-to-work possibilities. 


Improve Quality of Life


Transform brain injury recovery, by providing accessible care that creates lasting neuroplastic change


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Meet Clayton,

Our First Ambassador

Many people in our communities are living a lower quality of life because of the chronic effects of acquired brain injury. ABI Wellness’s Ambassador Program is designed to help those living with brain injuries to become a part of the ABI Wellness community. This program will enable brain injury survivors to play a key role in raising awareness and increasing access to ABI Wellness programs in their community, further advocating community support for individuals with brain injuries and helping these individuals improve their quality of life.

What inspired you to become the first ambassador for ABI Wellness?

Clayton: “For me, personally, ABI Wellness’s programs made a huge impact on my life, so I want to pay it forward and help other brain injury survivors”

What unique experience do you bring to this role?

Clayton: “Currently, I am the only one on the team that has firsthand experience with the life-changing benefits from ABI Wellness’s programs.”

What would you like to achieve in your role as Ambassador?

Clayton: “I want to be able to broaden the knowledge of what is possible in brain injury recovery and inspire positive change.”

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The vision of ABI Wellness is:
Improving quality of life. 

Our commitment to our community partners remains high. Our team is in the process of developing further ways to support our partners and their clients in order to increase opportunities for rehabilitation. We will continue to keep the community updated on all matters related to resuming in clinic program operations. With that in mind we would like to encourage the greater brain injury community to consider the following:

1) Be compassionate and considerate. Together through supporting each other we are stronger than acting as individuals.

2) Try to get outside each day and do so safely (follow the guidelines of the local health authority). Try to be outside for a minimum 30 minutes.

3) Mindfulness- This practice is so good for the brain. Even being mindful of your breath can really help your physical and mental health.

4) Stay cognitively active. Think crossword puzzles, sidoku, chess etc…Do so in a structured and focused manner. If needed set a timer. Minimum 60 min per day. However, be compassionate to yourself. Each journey starts with one step.

5) Social connection (safely). We invite the brain injury community to get together and comment, socialize through our facebook account. Share your efforts at practicing good brain health with us on our facebook @ABI Wellness . We will comment and support you.

We are a community based organization that is committed to the health and wellness of our community partners. In these times of transition it is important that we support each other as much as possible. As always we are servants to our vision and look to improve quality of life wherever we can.

In health,

ABI Wellness