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Meet Clayton,

BEARS Ambassador

Many people in our communities are living a lower quality of life because of the chronic effects of acquired brain injury. ABI Wellness BEARS Ambassador Program is designed to help those living with brain injuries to become a part of the ABI Wellness community. This program will enable brain injury survivors to play a key role in raising awareness and increasing access to ABI Wellness programs in their community, further advocating community support for individuals with brain injuries and helping these individuals improve their quality of life.

What inspired you to become the first ambassador for ABI Wellness?

Clayton: “For me, personally, ABI Wellness’s programs made a huge impact on my life, so I want to pay it forward and help other brain injury survivors”

What unique experience do you bring to this role?

Clayton: “Currently, I am the only one on the team that has firsthand experience with the life-changing benefits from ABI Wellness’s programs.”

What would you like to achieve in your role as Ambassador?

Clayton: “I want to be able to broaden the knowledge of what is possible in brain injury recovery and inspire positive change.”

A Unique Story

Meet Connor and his mom, Kathy

Watch our discussion with Connor and his mom, Kathy, as they talk about their journey through recovering from traumatic brain injury and what led them to the ABI Wellness program.

Read Kathy’s book which details the unyielding determination to restore Conor to wellness; weaving a greater story of sisterhood into Kathy’s very personal quest to save her son.


“Changing my brain gave me my life back. Thank you!”

– Dave W. (Former Client)

“My hope would be that services like [BEARS at] Watson Centre is accessible and available to everyone.”

– Marie E. (Provider)

“It was about six weeks in where I started to notice some benefits from the program.”

-Molly (Former Client & Strength and Conditioning Coach)

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