Cognitive Rehabilitation

Introducing the new recovery system being utilized by renowned hospital systems. Reduce wait times between screening and treatment, reduce missed appointments, and reduce your administrative load with our Brain Enhance And Recovery System (BEARS).

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Improved Profitability

Patients receive treatment on a 6:1 ratio, with all care delivered at one location. We work with large providers and small clinics to improve profitability from 20-30% on average.

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Return to Work Rate

Traditional recovery programs globally currently show a 40% return to work rate, focusing only on compensatory training. The BEARS platform has 37% higher return to work rate, focusing on capacity building and neuroplasticity programming.

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Increase in Revenue

A private clinic that sees 20 patients with an acquired brain injury per day with the BEARS platform can see up to a 116% increase in revenue compared to clinics without.

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Saved Lifetime Earnings

By helping more patients return to work faster, the BEARS platform is able to save an individual returning to full-time work between $300k to $1.2 million dollars in loss of lifelong earnings. From part-time to FT, a patient saves up to $400k.

It's time to grow your practice.

Do more for your patients with an acquired brain injury. There’s still hope for recovering more cognitive function and improving their quality of life. Take a look below at how the BEARS platform can help your practice and patients.

What Experts Say


“ABI Wellness’ program provides hope where there is little and provides gains where they are not expected. I wholeheartedly believe that this program can change lives of people recovering from a brain injury.”

– Josh Poirier

Four Pillars of BEARS™

Our Brain Enhance and Recovery System (BEARS) is designed to help patients do more than just compensate after acquiring a brain injury. By using BEARS, patients experience more cognitive function recovery and significant improvement in the quality of life.

Cognitive Training

Using the world-renowned BrainEx™ program, BEARS targets four areas of the brain that are responsible for executive functioning. Three exercises – Symbol Thinking, Nonverbal Thinking and Predicative Speech – help to restore a patient’s ability to organize, plan and set goals, in addition to building cognitive capacities in verbal memory, verbal retrieval, reasoning and enhancing overall self-awareness.

Cardio Program

Backed by thorough research, BEARS includes programmatic exercise and physical activity to regulate mood and anxiety. This aerobic exercise program plays a vital role in preparing the brain for more effective cognitive recovery. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise alone has been found to improve mood and executive functioning for patients with brain injuries.

Mindfulness Curriculum

Fatigue is one of the longest-lasting symptoms of brain injury, affecting daily function. That's why an integral part of BEARS are guided mindfulness exercises aimed to reduce depressive symptoms, overall stress and fatigue in patients with traumatic brain injury. These 10-15 minutes daily meditation exercises can also decrease pain intensity and increase energy levels.

Progress Tracking

As a BEARS certified provider, our facilitators have access to our fully-automated tools to analyze and report real-time patient activity and satisfactory tracking. This "quality of life" tracking system allows facilitators to monitor changes in each patient's daily life throughout treatment. Through this digital progress tracking, quality of patient care is greatly improved.

Patient Testimonial

MEET CLAYTON, who found great improvement with our program after suffering a brain injury.

“I would say that my most notable improvement (although somewhat hard to believe) is my memory.”

- Clayton

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We Understand Your Challenges

Streamlined workloads, with reduced administration for OTs/PTs and clinic owners: Through BEAR’s on-demand reporting, structured programming and improved client-to-clinician ratio, BEARS will significantly streamline workloads and put the focus back on client interaction and care.

Systemized, end-to-end programming for TBI and ABI needs: Through BEAR’s tested model of care, you will be provided with a clear system to intake, and work with patients, effectively balancing the four-pillar approach to care. This systemized approach enables increased clarity in delivering care that meets best practices and manages the needs of clients.

Save up to 30-40% in labour and administrative costs, and significantly improve margins: Through the improved patient-to-clinician ratio and on-demand, automated reporting, we will significantly reduce labour per patient, while improving the quality of care provided, resulting in an opportunity for improved revenue and profitability for your business.
Managing OT/PT workloads and the demand and needs of brain injury patients: Given the complexity and heavy caseloads for staff, ensuring that clinicians are supported in terms of workload and administration is essential for retaining talent and serving your clients effectively.

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