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ABI Wellness’ interdisciplinary model delivers a cognitive intervention system
that improves patients’ quality of life and return-to-work possibilities.  

ABI Wellness offers a transformative, evidence-based solution for people seeking to improve higher-order cognitive ability.

Through our licensing opportunities, ABI Wellness partners with health systems and clinics to deliver an integrated, four-pillar educational approach. Our interdisciplinary model delivers a cognitive intervention system that improves people’s quality of life and return-to-work possibilities.


Improve Quality of Life


Provide accessible care that creates lasting neuroplastic change.


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Meet Clayton,

Our First Ambassador

Many people in our community struggle with cognitive challenges and are looking for programs to help improve their cognitive function. ABI Wellness’s Ambassador Program is designed to bring people living with cognitive deficits into the ABI Wellness community, and enable them to play a key role in raising awareness of ABI Wellness and improving access to our programs. Our Ambassadors are valuable advocates, building community support for those who live with cognitive issues and helping more people improve their quality of life.

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