executive team


Howard EatonPresident and Chair

Howard’s vision has always been about bettering the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities and/or brain injuries. During his childhood, he was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, and through his own challenges, he sought a solution to transform the lives of other individuals. Howard has over 20 years’ experience in special education. In 2005, he started the first Eaton-Arrowsmith school in Vancouver, British Columbia, leveraging BrainEx technology. Since then, Eaton-Arrowsmith has expanded to five new schools have opened. He is also the co-founder of the Watson Centre for Brain Health, a centre designed to bring the BrainEx cognitive training, along with mindfulness, exercise and counseling, to those recovering from brain injury. As co-founder of ABI Wellness and President and Chair, Howard works daily to ensure ongoing recovery for individuals with chronic brain injury. Howard is a published author of two books, Brain School and The Brain Pioneer, which are about his work with Learning Disabilities and BrainEx technology applications. He holds a B.A. in psychology from UBC and a Masters in Special Education from Boston University.


Mark WatsonChief Executive Officer

Mark’s background as an educator and an athlete positions him to appreciate and explore the brain’s ability to change and recover after brain injury. His experiences with learning difficulties developed his interest in different learning profiles and helping students better understand the nature of their disabilities and their ability to overcome them. Mark has worked in education and cognitive rehabilitation since 2002. Having served as a teacher, administrator, Executive Director and CEO. With a background in human kinetics and educational leadership Mark has successfully paired his background in both of these areas into his role at ABI Wellness. Pairing his clinical experience in serving students with learning disabilities with his previous experience as the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Watson Centre for Brain Health, Mark has seen firsthand the overwhelmingly positive impact that strengthening specific neurological capacities can have on all aspects of a patient’s life. He is committed to working with patients so they can lead more fulfilled and independent lives. A frequent speaker on the topic of brain injury rehabilitation Mark has presented this work to: Public health agencies, BC Cancer Agency, The NHL Alumni Assoc., NFLPA Washington State among others. Mark also serves as a member of the integrated health advisory board at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


Shaun Porterchief operating officer

Shaun’s introduction to brain injury began at a young age, where as a competitive athlete in gymnastics and soccer, he received multiple concussions of varying severity. While the diagnosis was the same, each concussion was treated differently, as each doctor seemed to have a different view on care and brain injury recovery. During his MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences, Shaun researched the recovery trajectory of young athletes following a concussion and explored the relationship between when an athlete feels recovered and when their brain is actually recovered. Additionally, Shaun was part of the research team that worked with the Watson Centre Society for Brain Health during their pilot study – assessing the impact of a non-invasive cognitive rehabilitation program on individuals with brain injuries. Shaun loved being able to witness neuroplasticity occur in real time, and after graduating with his MSc, he was thrilled to be able to join ABI Wellness and enhance health outcomes in individuals with brain injuries.


Michelle TaschereauCustomer success specialist

Michelle is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS). She has worked in various areas in brain injury rehabilitation including Community Support, Fundraising, Program Management and Client Services. Her interest in brain injury was dominated by personal events within her family. This personal connection has speared her determination in helping brain injury survivors find accessible solutions to better their quality of life. She believes the ABI Wellness BEARS program is the solution for those who have suffered a brain injury, concussion, or cognitive decline. Michelle loves to motivate, inspire and be of service to others. Working as the Client Success Specialist, she has to opportunity to work with like-minded professionals and assist them in making a difference in the lives of the brain injured community.