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Q&A: Heather Branscombe, Abilities Rehabilitation

“The hero in this story isn't ABI Wellness or Abilities Rehabilitation.
The hero here is Clayton"

Heather Branscombe leads Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation, a patient-centred care provider and ABI Wellness Licencee in BC. She sat down with ABI Wellness to share what inspires her, and why she is excited to implement the ABI Wellness 4-Pillar Program at Abilities Rehabilitation  

Q: Which healthcare innovations excite you? In this context of innovation, what are you scared by?

HB: In the world of neuroplasticity, repetition in care is key and technology is one of the key tools that is enabling that repetition that we’re looking for, and that’s exciting. I don’t get scared a lot, I have to say. The thing that scares me is that sometimes people are using these tools that don’t have the vision of how to apply them. A tool can be used for less altruistic purposes. You don’t necessarily have to be a therapist or medical professional, but having a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of using any particular tool to get you to that end result is helpful.

Q: When you look at ABI and the 4-Pillar model of care within the current landscape, there are several cognitive enhancement tools out there. What made you choose ABI Wellness team?

HB: I think what helped us to choose ABI is the opportunity we have to deliver on our core values. The things that make Abilities Rehabilitation great is the team and our coordinated care model. The 4-pillar program is not just an individual tool, but really bringing a number of tools, and applying these tools, together, to drive better outcomes. I also appreciate working with Mark Watson [the ABI Wellness CEO] and believe we share common values.

Q: Clayton’s journey as a patient of brain injury was what brough ABI Wellness, Mark Watson, and your team at Abilities Rehabilitation together. What made Clayton’s story so unique? What stood out for you in that story?

HB: I think what stood out in Clayton’s story is the hope that the family had. That formed the beginning of our partnership with ABI Wellness. This was a partnership–Abilities Rehabilitation had the therapy team doing our part to help him along his journey and then ABI Wellness brought together cognitive remediation. This highlights why we want to work together and solidify this relationship. The hero in this story isn’t ABI Wellness and it isn’t Abilities Rehabilitation. The hero is Clayton. We can provide the most amazing tool out there, but if you’re not willing to use it, and you’re not willing to struggle with it and through it, then you’re not going to get any kind of positive outcome. Clayton is really the hero of the story. We want to work with ABI Wellness to create more heroes.


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