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BrainTrust Canada is a non-profit in Kelowna, BC that focuses on reducing preventable brain injury and providing support services for those affected by brain injury.

Since 2017, the Watson Centre has served over 50 patients with TBI and ABI and has pioneered the ABI 4 Pillar program in BC.

Sea to Sky is located in Squamish, BC. Sea to Sky focus on working with professionals and athletes in the community to guide their return to their activities of daily living.

CNS has been at the forefront of integrating other rehabilitation services, including vestibular rehabilitation, vision therapy, and audiology, into our programming, coordinating these treatments in our community and yours.

Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation ANR is a leader for specialist neurological rehab in the Fraser Valley, and they are inspired by their clients as heroes of their journey to recovery.

The Hartman Center focuses on engaging their clients, treating them individually, and taking the time to foster behavioral and lifestyle changes needed for a better quality of life.

Jodi House offers a Day Program and a Caregiver Support Program, both designed to assist brain injury survivors, their families, and caregivers in developing coping strategies for living with the lingering effects of a brain injury through participation in a supportive and accepting community setting.

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